Leeds Season 1 Half-way update: Not too shabby.

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March 2, 2013 by bashfoc2

Hi guys!

This blog is a roundup of the first half of Season 1 with Leeds. For information on the tactics used and transfers made please check out my previous 2 blogs.  I’ve decided to break up the matches into chunks where my form seemed to be consistent (and this should show the ebb and flow of my season so far).

So we finally get the season underway and almost immediately we’re on the back foot! After a decent first 3 results (through to the next round of the League cup and a decent point away to Wolves), we then lose 3 of the next 4 games and we go out of the cup! I wish there were some goals or decent performances to talk about here but it was all pretty dreary stuff. If I had to pick out some positives it would be that the plan for a tight defense seems to be working (1 goal conceded against the superior opposition: Wolves, Bolton & Blackburn) but even after just 7 games consistency already seems to be an issue.

Aaaand we’re back in the groove. Okay so the opposition aren’t exactly stellar (Blackpool excluded) but at least we’re picking up points! 14 out of a possible 18 is a great haul here but it’s a little bit worrying with the consistency we’re conceding a goal first and then coming back to grab a point or win. Also, SI surely having me concede 1 goal, 7 games in a row is a bit of a weird pattern to allow.

A disappointing loss to Forest (one up with 8 minutes left to play and we lose 2-1) and then some more deliciously consistency with 4(!!!!) 1-1 draws? It’s not exactly inspiring stuff (and terrible to watch) but we’re still sticking points on the board. Having had an ok start to the season I decided to start to fiddle with the formations a little bit. Until November I had almost entirely used the 4-2-3-1 tactic but I decided to change this to a “diamond” 4-5-1 (the third formation in the tactics post). By dropping the wingers deeper I was hoping to offer a bit more protection for the defense and also create more fluidity between attack and defense.

Plenty of games here in the run up to Christmas and thankfully we’ve shaken the draw monster off our back and we’re actually playing some decent games! A couple of disappointing losses in there alright but apart from that, some good results and even a 3-0 win! Not a bad Christmas present at all.

Some stats to round up:
League Position: 10th
Top Goalscorer: Becchio – 9
Top Assists: McCormack – 5
Most MoMs: Arismendi – 3
Discipline: Diouf (obviously) 8 yellows 1 red

Not too bad overall, form starting to pick up a bit and (as always with my teams for some reason) starting to improve after a slow start…

Next week I’ll try and have some decent stats for the season round-up, and fingers crossed we’ll have something to celebrate!


I’ll leave with you with this video, because FM is a Mad World after all. And because it’s amazing. 


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